Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cualquier Frio

 Chopping wood on P-day in the famous red shirt!!
 Elder Brindley and Elder Warren wielding a REALLY BIG axe!!
Some very big hands; dirty and blistering after wood chopping.

April 15, 2013

Hey mama!

There are some sweet pictures for you!  They pretty much describe what we do....which is chop wood!  I am getting pretty good at it.  I have developed some nice blisters on my hands from chopping, but I feel manly chopping wood.  We haven’t actually chopped our own wood yet... because we aren’t allowed to use it until May.  We chop wood for members of the branch. It is rather unfortunate that we can´t use our wood to start fires... because it is freezing in our cabin!  We consider it a warm day if it is 50 degrees in our cabin.  The other day it was in the 30s!! It is cold here! And we never have an opportunity to warm up because we leave our 39 degree house to go out and work in the freezing rain. I wear a beanie to bed, along with a scarf and my gloves! Studying when it is that cold is difficult! I shiver so bad that I can barely write in my journal! Oh well.  Two more weeks of this and then we can light fires! What a great day that will be.

As far as my toe goes... I think it looks a little better. It doesn’t hurt at all. The nail has grown out to the end of the toe, so it is no longer digging in.  I am with you, though, I don’t trust the doctors here at all. The guy didn’t even really look at my toe. He just saw that it was red and said that I needed to have the whole thing cut off.  I am still waiting to hear back from the mission nurse about what the mission doctor, who is an American, says about it.  I hate having to worry about this. It is a hassle, because we have to ask permission from everyone before we do anything. If we want to call the mission nurse, we have to ask permission from the Zone Leaders. If she doesn’t know something, she calls the mission doctor.  It is all just really complicated. I hope that this is the most serious problem I have here, because it is expensive and really inconvenient.  I don’t really know how much it will cost to cut the nail off.  I am kind of opposed to having it done, mostly because I don’t think it will really help.  The mission nurse said 18 mil, which is like 36 dollars. I don’t believe that for a second, because if the pills cost 100$... imagine what they would charge to numb my foot.  So I can’t really give a good estimate of how much it will cost.  When I talk to her I am going to ask her if it is even really necessary.

In other bright news... I discovered that I am allergic to the fleas.  Not only do they bite me, but the bites swell up like huge mosquito bites.  Just imagine having over 150 large mosquito bites on your right arm... and you will be imagining my right arm. It is really annoying.  I have Raid that I spray in the house every day before we leave, but that doesn’t seem to work.  All the members have lots of helpful suggestions of how to get rid of them.  They also recommended that I see a doctor about some kind of anti-alergico.  I would do that that...but it is all a complicated process and I would rather just be itchy than pay a ton of money for pills. They also said there is some kind of cream that I can buy that I can put on to relieve the itching.

This is the last week of my training.  That is pretty crazy, right?  I won’t get your package before Elder .... leaves, because The Zone Leaders were in our last district meeting, which means I won’t see them or any of my mail for three more weeks probably.  I would share it with him... but I won’t have any way to get the candy to him.  They have strict rules in our mission about sending mail to other missionaries in our mission.  Oh well.  My new companion will be happy to have some treats.

I love reading your email, Mom.  I miss you. I like hearing about how everything is going back at home.  It sounds like you are doing well and that you are happy!  I love the pictures that you send, too!  Keep pictures coming.  The members all ask to see pictures of my family.  I only have pictures of the dog and of Makayla. I think there is a place here to print pictures.  That will be our rule. I will send you pictures if you send me pictures.  Actually, I only send pictures if the place we are using internet doesn’t have a lot of viruses.

As far as the work goes... We are teaching a sweet guy named Marcelo.  We spend 15 minutes teaching him English, and 30 minutes teaching him the gospel.  I think right now he is a lot more interested in learning English, but we will get him eventually!  He is always very nice to us!  We also are working with some really less active people.  We went and watched some really good conference talks with them.  One guy, Mauricio, is totally legit!  He played basketball for the University of Concepción.  He is a referee for the professional basketball league!  All he ever wants to do is talk basketball with me. Haha. I told him if he was free one P-day that I would teach him a thing or two about how to play basketball.

Tonight we are going to do a family night with the Familia Retemal.  They are the coolest members in Llanquihue!  We are going to teach their teenage son how to use Preach My Gospel and we are going to make no bake cookies!  Too sweet!

Anyway, I gotta go to the grocery store. Tell Jordan he is a handsome devil.  Adrienne has a cute baby! Tell Brett hello!  Tell Hazel that I don’t really like her species, but she is still cute.

Love Elder Warren

Makayla--- Guess what!? Hay SIRENAS en Lago LLanquihue. Yep, that is right; Mermaids. Just thought you should know. And... If the coconuts are missing, half of everything is missing. Maybe I’m not allowed to send coconut flavored things. Who knows?

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