Thursday, April 4, 2013

April Fools!!!

April 1, 2013

Hey Mama!

Today is April fool’s day!  I was going to tell you this long story about how I was being deported from Chile or something, but I decided that would be kind of a mean trick to tell you that.  I was going to use my story about how I got punched by a drunken guy as my April fool’s joke... but that one actually happened! Haha. Don´t worry, he wasn't trying to hurt me. We have a drunken friend that hangs out in front of our house usually.  We always talk to him.  He told me that he was a boxer on the weekends.  I told him that I didn´t believe him.  So he decided to prove it.  He just wound up showing me, but then hitting me really soft. Haha. He was pretty drunk. After he ¨hit¨ me, he felt really bad about it and started hugging me and telling me that he loved me. It is sad how addicted some of these people are to alcohol.  We talk to a lot of drunks because they are the only ones who want to talk to us at all.  They usually talk to us because they think that we will give them money.

Well... I wish I had good news about how things are going here in Llanquihue.  Things are tough.  Last week we only taught one lesson.  One lesson. We should be teaching ideally more than 20 lessons every single week.  The work is slow here.  If anything, things are getting worse and not better.  I am excited for my interview with President this week. It will be my first interview with him.  I am excited to hear his advice on what we should do.  Something needs to change here.  These people just really don´t like the missionaries.

Tomorrow I am going to be directing the sector!  I am a little nervous.  That means that Elder Brindley will be leaving to Puerto Varas and Elder Larsen the zone leader will come here. It is my responsibility to run the sector. He will be here with me for 24 hours.  I am excited to learn from him.  He is one of my favorite missionaries here. He is just a stud!

Easter was good.  The bunny didn´t come to visit us, unfortunately.  It is okay though.  We had a good day.  I studied out of Jesus the Christ. I usually don´t do that because I don´t have a copy of it in Spanish, but I made an exception because it was Easter.  Actually... we didn´t eat with a nice family.  We didn´t eat with a family at all.  We usually do on Sunday’s, but we didn´t receive an invitation yesterday.  It is okay though!  We went to Puerto Varas to the fancy grocery store and bought Macaronis con queso!  It is kind of funny, because before the mission I wouldn´t eat anything but Kraft macaroni and cheese. The only American brand they have here in Chile is Great Value, the Wal-Mart brand. In American Fork, that is kind of the cheap stuff.  Here, it is what all of the quico people eat (rich people).  Most people don´t buy Great Value because it is expensive and you have to go to a different city to get it.  But Yeah, Macaroni and Cheese for Easter dinner!

To answer your question about the money:  I am good on money for now.  I haven’t really purchased too many things.  I bought a few things that weren´t for me.  I bought Elder Brindley a cake for his birthday tomorrow.  I bought some other things for some other people.  But depending on what it is, it would be easier to just send money.  Well, to put it in my account at least.  I don´t have too many needs right now. I am doing well.  It hasn´t rained in a week, so it is like a miracle!

For breakfast I eat one fried egg, a peach, a banana, and some yogurt with granola.  I am working hard to be healthy.  Missionary’s don´t eat healthy because it is faster to just eat cookies and chips.  I don´t eat many of those, though.  I take the time to make a good breakfast.  I eat well.  My exercises?  You better believe I am doing them.  I usually do jumping jacks and things like that.  I do a lot of push-ups and sit ups! I am staying in good shape here.  I always listen to David Archuletta Christmas music in the morning while I work out. Haha.

I am glad to hear that you are having fun with your new kindle!  I wish I had spent more of my time reading.  Watching TV seems like such a waste of time now.  Hmm…I don´t have much time left to write this email... Tell Brett that I mentally wished him luck on his talk, because I didn´t forget. I am glad to hear that you supported Dave! Such a stud!  I have a lot of Peruvian Friends now from the mission, and I always think of Dave when I talk to them.  I wrote a letter to Nick!  I doubt he will get it, because the postal worker seemed really confused by the address.  Ask Nick’s mom if it is French Polynesia America, or French Polynesia Oceania.  Apparently they are different regions of French Polynesia.

Anyway, I love you mom!

Love, Elder Warren

P.S.  Tell Jan Stafford that I got her email.  She wanted to know if I got it.  And I printed the stories to read later.

P.P.S.  Kathryn Maddix didn´t want a shout out, but I really enjoyed her email.

Makayla... I should probably receive my first letter from you in the mail tomorrow! How neat is that!  Keep your head up! I have some... good things headed your way in the mail.  I have a feeling you should probably appreciate them. Just remember... What I think is funny is actually really Cheesy. You’re my favorite. Ever.

P.P.P.S... Tell Adrienne and her kids I say hello and they can expect a letter in about a month!

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