Saturday, January 26, 2013

Perseverar Hasta el Fin (Enduring to the End)

Friday, January 25, 2013


Hey Mom!

Well, I have 10 days left here in America! Is that crazy, or what? I don't really know what to think... like I have no idea what to expect down there in Chile. The only thing I really know is that pretty much all of our teachers that went to South America said that at one point they lost control of their bowels and "messed" themselves. How gross is that! All of them without fail had this experience. I sure as heck hope that it never happens to me! Most of the teachers say it is because of the water down there. In most countries in South America, missionaries have to only drink bottled water or the have to purify the water. They gave all of the South American missionaries a water purification system. It is this nifty little bottle that purifies any water except for ocean water. They even say that it can purify a mud puddle! The good news about all of this is that in Chile it is a little more civilized and you are allowed to drink the tap water!

I saw Elder Kimball just minutes after he was dropped off! I didn't see his family, though. I saw him headed up toward the building to get checked in. That is one of the perks of being a host missionary, you pretty much get to see all of the new missionaries. I have seen a couple other people that I know. I saw Lindsey Bills here! I think that she is going to Florida. Being a host missionary is sweet! I was helping out with the international missionaries on Wednesday, which was cool. I was helping this Elder from the Philippines. He spoke pretty good English. He said that his plane ride here was like 24 hours or something. It is his first time being in America and he is going to San Diego on his mission. He said that my English was hard to understand because I talk fast. He asked me what language I was learning and I told him Spanish. So he started trying to talk to me in Spanish!! It was funny because he doesn't really know any Spanish at all. He kept saying "Hola, Elder! Bien Burritos!" I couldn't help but laugh! I let him think that he was speaking correct Spanish. I gave him a tour of the MTC and introduced him to his teacher and his companion.

This next week is going to fly by, I already know it. Monday is a normal day. Tuesday is the day that we have service in the morning and the MTC devotional at night with a general authority. Wednesday we are hosting again. Thursday we are having in-field orientation. Friday will be P-day, and Saturday we pack and such. I should be getting my travel plans in the mail sometime today. I will tell Makayla what they are in her letter, and I am sure she will tell you. Everybody is making predictions about how many flights it will take me to get down there to Antarctica! Haha. My guess is three, but I honestly have no idea. I know that there are at least 7 other missionaries going to Osorno the same day as me. Have I met any of them? No! I still haven't met any of them. I only know because they have a list of us in the travel office. All of them are in the beginner Spanish class. I will be the only one from an Intermediate class, which means I better study up on " I can't find my luggage!" and other phrases like that. Haha.

I titled my email "Perseverar Hasta el Fin" because we are kind of enduring mode here at the MTC. People are sure having a hard time focusing in my district. Everybody is excited and nervous about leaving, so it is hard to focus and study. Also, it doesn't help that we have zero consistency in class as far as the teachers go. Remember how I told you that we had had a ton of teachers? Well, it was supposed to be fixed when we got the sweet new teacher, Hermano Thompson. Well, we only had him three times and he has been in the hospital since. He got really sick with something, and he has taken off the whole next month of work... so we won't see him again. So we only have one real teacher, and then we have had a sub for all of our other classes. I told you that most districts only ever have two teachers and maybe a sub like once or twice while we are here. We have had 24 different teachers. That has turned into a challenge, because instead of having progressing investigators, we basically teach the first lesson over and over again to the new subs. I could pretty much recite the entire first lesson in my sleep. Speaking of sleep, my thoughts switch to Spanish when I am falling asleep. It is super weird. Sometimes when I am praying at night and I am kind of falling asleep (I know.. i shouldn't be falling asleep during my prayers, but it happens!) my thought subconsciously switch into Spanish. It is the same when I am lying in bed and falling asleep.

I got two packages from Makayla last Saturday, full of all kinds of candy! Everybody I live with jumped all over that and the candy was gone by Sunday night! haha. Her parents put a letter in the package, too, and that was really nice! They are really nice people! Makayla also sent me some pictures in the packages. I have a few pictures of me and her, and a sweet picture of the mullet!

I am sorry to hear that you are having all kinds of problems with your body. Mom, you aren't allowed to fall apart while I am gone! Okay? No falling apart physically. Mind over matter, right? If only it were that easy. Hopefully they can get you all fixed up. Just approach everything with a positive attitude, okay? You are a strong lady, even if you kind of are turning into an old lady ;). I will keep you in my prayers, alright?

I am glad you are keeping in touch with Nick’s mom and Nate’s mom! Keep that up! To answer your question: Nick is actually still here at the MTC. He leaves Monday! You will be in charge of getting the updates from his mom and sending them to me. Same with Nate!

I gotta run!


Elder Warren

Elder Warren, Hermana Clay, Elder Taylor


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