Monday, February 11, 2013

Naci en Llanquihue

Monday, February 11, 2013 

Well, there wasn´t an email to read from you today. Maybe you were busy or something. No hay nadie que sepa. (nobody knows.). You can send me emails, you know! Don’t send dear elders anymore, because I won’t see them for three weeks. My pday is Monday, so it would be best if you sent emails before Monday. Sunday would probably be a good day. You can email me more than once, as well. I will just read them all at once. Also, anyone can email me. Tell Makayla that. She can email me, I just can’t email her directly back. But I can respond in my email to you!

Well... I am definitely NOT in America anymore. Imagine the most ghetto place you have visited in your life... and it is probably nicer than where I live. I live in a city called Llanquihue (pronounced yawn-key-way). I live in a log cabin with mi compañero, Elder Brindley. I always dreamed of being a mountain man, and my wildest dreams have come true. Why? Because I live in a log cabin and chop firewood every day. It is pretty legit.

Things are… "going" here. The work is a little slow. We don´t have a ton of investigators. We walk probably 10 miles a day. We live at the top of the city, and it is like a 45 minute walk down to the bottom of the city where we have most of our lessons. Do I have huge blisters from all of this walking? You better believe it. Have I already broken out the anti-fungal cream because my feet are always wet? Most definitely. Have I already gotten sunburned because it was sunny the first few days? Yes and my face is peeling. Have I been soaked head to toe in the rain? Yep. I have, multiple times. I need to buy a new umbrella. The little one I have is already not making the cut. Do I already have scoliosis from carrying all of my books in a shoulder bag? Probably. A shoulder bag wasn´t the best idea. Have I already had my books and scripture’s soaked from being out in the rain with my shoulder bag? Yes, more than once. This whole being wet all the time is going to take some getting used to.

There are wild dogs everywhere in the streets here. Literally, everywhere. They roam in packs and they hate us. They absolutely hate everything about us. Have I been chased by a dog here? Yes. I have; several times every day. What do I do about it? I hit them with my umbrella or throw a rock at them. My companion says that he has been bitten a few times by the dogs. When I get home, I probably will give Hazel the cold shoulder for all of the poor experiences with her kind.

The Spanish is actually going a little better than I thought it would. People speak really fast, but most of the time I can catch the main theme of what they are saying. My companion tells everyone that I am fresh from the US, and they say "oh, el no entiende nada." That kind of gets old. I usually tell them that I can understand them and then they feel really bad because I understood that they were talking about me. I had to get up and introduce myself in Sacrament meeting yesterday. I receive a lot of compliments about my lack of an accent. The members don´t believe me when I tell them I got to Chile 5 days ago because they can´t tell when I speak Spanish. I don´t have a gringo accent like most gringo missionaries do. They say that they can understand me really well because I sound like a Latino when I speak Spanish. That was my goal when I decided to read El Libro de Mormon en voz alta. My companion decided that he would try it because he has been here for a year and a half and he has a really bad gringo accent. I don´t think he likes it that people compliment me on my lack of an accent all the time.

It was really nice to be able to talk to you ladies on the phone the other day. That seems like forever ago, but it was only one week. Talking to you at first was a little weird. Using a phone was weird. After you went to your appointment, I probably talked to Makayla for over an hour. That only killed a small portion of our massive layover, but I definitely enjoyed that.

Well, I guess I will tell you about the food here. I don´t think that I am going to get fat. We eat breakfast on our own at the cabin. I usually have Life cereal with warm milk. Why warm milk? Because apparently milk doesn´t need to be refrigerated here... which is weird. For Almuerzo, we go to our mamítas house. She makes us food Tuesday-Friday. On Saturday we eat with a member and the same on Sunday. The members do our laundry for us.. which is kind of nice. We wouldn´t have time to do it ourselves, and there really isn´t a laundry mat close to here. We eat a lot of rice and such. I have had a few completos. We don´t eat a ton, and we walk a ton. So.. I don´t believe weight gain will be an issue.

Did you get the letter from me from the mission president? With the address?

Casilla 7-0
Osorno Los Lagos, Chile

Tell Makayla she can send letters there.

I got to go now, so I will wrap this up by telling you I am doing just fine!

Love, Elder Warren

ps. tell Kathryn Maddix that is a picture of the super bowl party we had with her food!

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