Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Another Week in Chile!!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Hey, sorry I didn´t email yesterday! We had Zone conference in Puerto Montt yesterday. It was super sweet!! President Rappleye and his wife spoke, also Elder Zaballos from the 1st Quorum of the Seventy spoke. It was super cool to be there with a bunch of the missionaries. I love talking with the natives! They are funny. There is an Elder here named Elder Murayari from Peru. His Spanish is significantly easier to understand than the Chileans. Dave Clarke will have no problem with the Spanish in Peru. Anyway, I was talking to Elder Murayari for like 10 minutes. He doesn´t speak any English. After about 10 minutes of talking with him he told me not to worry, that I would learn Spanish if I learned the alphabet. I said to him, "elder, I have been speaking to you in Spanish for the last 10 minutes, and you understood what I was saying." Then he got super embarrassed and realized that I was right, and that I was actually communicating to him in Spanish. That is the mind set of all of the native speakers though. They automatically assume that us gringos can´t speak Spanish.
Before I forget, I want to say that I didn´t forget Jordan´s birthday... I just forgot to mention it in my last email. So... Happy Birthday, Brother! Also, Mom I forgot to wish you and Brett a happy anniversary on the 11th. It is the 11th, right? Anyway, Happy Anniversary, you crazy kids!
We do have a few investigators right now, but things are pretty slow. We are teaching an older guy named Antonio. And guess what!? He came to church on Sunday. How sweet is that?? Getting people to church here is difficult because most people don’t live very close to the chapel. But he came! We are going to keep working with him. We are also teaching a couple. Their names are Hugo and Eduvges. We found him one day when we stopped and asked him if we could help him with his firewood. He said no at first, but we insisted that we should help him. We helped him for like an hour, and then set up a cita to go back and teach him. We were teaching them the other day, and we ran into the same problem that we usually run into. These people are Evangelicos (Evangelicals). This means that they agree with everything that we say. They immediately accepted Joseph Smith as a prophet. But here is the problem: Eduvges also thinks that she is a prophet and that she receives revelation for her neighbors and that she has visions about all of the natural disasters in the world. This is the big problem we run into here. Almost nobody is Catholic. They are all Evangelicals. They all either want to Bible Bash with us, or they simply can´t understand that they are not prophets or that their pastors are not prophets.
The hair? It is definitely human hair. Haha. The package you send needs to be through the US Postal service. There can be candy in it, but just not Beef Jerky or Raisins or any kind of fruit. Basically the Chilean customs people don´t want their food to be contaminated. And you can just send my old backpack. Or you don´t have to send it at all. There is a store in the next city over that sells backpacks; either way. And also I am about 2 hours away from the mission home and don´t ever go there. On p-day we go and chill with some of the members. I always write a letter to Makayla and clean the house.

Hey, gotta run!

Elder Warren

PS. Congrats to Makayla for getting accepted to BYU!!!! You are the coolest!! I am writing you a letter later. Soon you will have three letters on their way to you!

"The Wood Pile" 

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