Monday, March 25, 2013

El Perro: La Mascota de Satanas

March 25, 2013


El Perro: La mascota de Satanás significa The Dog: The pet of Satan. I don´t have much love for the dogs here! In fact, it finally happened that I got bit by one of the dang things! Don’t worry, he mostly got my pants and my shoe. It didn´t break the skin or anything. ¡No tengo ninguno amor por los perros! I can´t even look at Hazels picture anymore! Oh well. It is part of the experience here, right?

I was pretty pleased today when I opened up my email. Why? Well, because I had some emails from some super sweet people. Nate Allan emailed me from Germany! I guess his mission president allows them to email amigos, which is super legit. I, unfortunately, can only send one email a week. I can send it to multiple people, but the rule is that I can only hit the send button once. I guess my email doesn´t technically have to go to you mom, but I give you first priority because you birthed me. ;) Haha. But I have Nate attached to this email so he knows that I can´t send him a personal email. But as soon as I get his address, he can expect a handwritten letter about a month later. Haha. Snail Mail: I understand this dicho now. Also, I got an email with some pictures of Makayla! How great is that! You are reading this... so I will just give you a shout out: You are looking good! With such a beautiful smile! I remember when I got my braces off... all three times. Wear your retainer, woman! No es vale la pena para tener braces de nuevo!

Well, the past week was about as good as the week before. We don´t really have many people to teach. We spend a lot of time knocking doors. I am pretty good at that by now. I wish there were more opportunities to teach people. I just wish they could understand how important the message that we are bringing them is. Their salvation depends on it, but they still give us the finger waggle from the window. It has been seven weeks of no success, but we are not giving up hope. We are constantly looking for ways to improve. We are working hard and we will continue to do so!

I am pretty stoked for the packages. No se preoccupe that it won’t be here by Easter. Elder Brindleys parents have a package headed our way as well. We will be set with our sweets. I am most excited for the back pack. The shoulder bag would be nice if I wasn´t wearing it walking around for seven hours a day. It will be awesome to have the weight more evenly distributed. Hey, that is cool that you had Pantrucas con Adrienne. Is it good? I don´t really remember. I bet it is. Do they have Cazuela there? Because if you eat Cazuela, you will be eating what we eat every single day! It is soup with big hunks of corn or potatoes with meat. Also, the completos is something we eat pretty regularly here. We don´t really eat empanadas very frequently. Those are kind of a special occasion kind of food. Hey, I think that sauce is something like ají. We eat ají on everything. They have ají pebre and ají verde. The ají verde es mucho mejor en mi opinión.

We went into the biggest city in the mission this past week, Puerto Montt. Being there reminds me more of being in the United States. I sometimes forget what a big city is like here in Llanquihue where there is one real grocery store and only one restaurant. In Puerto Montt there is a grocery store on every corner like in the states! I don´t know why that is exciting to me. Maybe because we have to walk 30 minutes from our house to the grocery store. Haha. They have a mall there, as well! A mall! We didn´t go there, because we were on official business renewing Elder Brindely’s visa or something. But we did try to stop by McDonalds to buy fries...but it was still breakfast hours. Oh well, maybe another time.

Anyway, I am pretty much out of time. Let me see... anything I am forgetting? I wrote a letter to Nick! I ate some bad palta (guacamole) and consequently had to make another new hole in my belt (that happens when you don´t have a solid bowel movement for six days in a row.) Haha. Did you need to know that? No, probably not. But it made me laugh, and sometimes I just need an excuse to laugh. I am happy. My fleas are my pets. They love me so much that not even Raid can keep them away. It’s fine. I love looking like I have chicken pox all over. Tell Brett I say Hello.


Elder Warren

Makayla-- I can´t write you your own personal email very easily. :/ There was a slight change in the rules... but it was only for our mission and it is complicated. I will explain the process of writing you an email in a letter. How did you hear that it changed? Anyway, I put your letter in the mail today. Have fun in Disneyland. I still haven´t received a letter from you. Don’t worry, I will see them eventually. The process of getting a letter to me is complicated. The address takes it to the mission home, and that takes three weeks. Then they forward the letters to the zone leaders in Puerto Varas... which nobody knows how long that takes. And I see the zone leaders every so often. So... patience on my part I guess. I can be patient. :)

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