Monday, March 4, 2013

Saltos del Rio Petrohue


This email is going to be much shorter than the others, I apologize. P-day ends in 15 minutes. Today has been a very stressful P-day. We did a zone trip to a national park here in Chile. We went to Saltos del Rio Petrohue. We took some good photos, but I don´t even have time to upload them today. Anyway, we went there. It is a river with a waterfall and rapids and stuff. You can see the volcanos there really well. It was fun, but it took up our entire P-day. We are supposed to be able to relax on P-day, but it has been more stressful than a normal day. There were about 40 missionaries that went, along with President and his wife. We ended our trip in Puerto Varas, which is about a 20 minute bus ride away from Llanquihue. We had to do our grocery shopping there, which was unfortunate. They have a much bigger super market there and they sell American brands, but it is so crowded! Not only that, but we had to walk with our groceries to the bus stop and wait for the bus. And then we had to ride the bus with our groceries. I don´t like doing that because they over pack the buses. The buses hold 25 people, but there are always at least 50 on board the bus. Imagine riding a bus like that while trying not to break your eggs! I only was able to do it because I am extraordinarily talented. ;)

You asked about investigators... and I am going to be honest: No. We don´t really have very many investigators right now. Llanquihue has been struggling for a long time. The last people to be baptized here were baptized like 7 months ago. We don´t have very many people to teach. Actually, we practically have nobody to teach. It is really frustrating. We basically knock doors for six hours every single day. We are supposed to be teaching 20 lessons a week. Last week we taught 3 lessons. It is hard not to get down when things are going like that. My trainer feels super bad because he says he has never been in a sector that has struggled this much. He is worried that I am going to think that this is how the mission will be the entire time. I know it wont be, but it is still difficult when absolutely nobody wants to listen to us. When I say nobody, I mean nobody. It is hard not to feel like I am doing something wrong. I am trying as hard as I can to be obedient. I do everything that I am supposed to and I work super hard. I think that it is just a test of faith, patience, and diligence. Things will improve. We are trying to gain the confidence of the branch leadership so that we can work more closely with them. I think that if we do this diligently, things will begin to turn around here.

I am excited for the package! I asked Elder Brindley if he wanted you to send anything. He said chocolate with flakes of gold in it. (I am pretty sure he was joking.) I will just share whatever you send with him.

I want you to know that the time difference here is 4 hours right now. We are four hours ahead. Also, I have fleas and I eat a diet that is high in fiber. I love you.

-Elder Warren

Makayla- You should be receiving a letter at any point in time now! I wrote another on the way to Saltos today. Patience, Kayla, Patience.

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