Monday, June 17, 2013

I Am Doing Well!!

June 17, 2013


I am here. I am alive. I always feel like the time comes to email and I forget what to say! Haha. Oh well. You probably like reading my emails whether they are very interesting or not. Hopefully they aren´t boring!

The last week went by really quickly. It has been raining a ton here, and it is cold.  But hey, we are tough! The fleas… are keeping to themselves for the most part. They are only biting my legs now, which is better than all over like it was before.  But my sleeping bag should be here soon!

We have a Mamita, and her name is Ines. She hasn´t started cooking for us yet, but she is going to start tomorrow. That will be nice. She lives close by. She speaks Spanish faster than anyone that I have ever heard in my entire life. Holy Cow. But it’s all good. She is really nice and she makes sopapillas really well.

I finally ate Bistec a la Pobre here! It was just like what we had at Pantrucas. That place is pretty authentic, I have decided.  So when you go there to eat, you really are eating what we eat down here.

Yesterday we went to church and Sixta came! She just needs one more church attendance and she can get baptized. Hopefully everything works out like we are planning. She is a really good lady. She likes coming to church. We took her to a Relief Society Activity. Haha. Imagine that. Two guys in the Relief Society activity with a bunch of Chilean ladies. We learned how to use soy beans. We made soy milk, soy hamburgers, and soy empanadas. Super sweet. Sixta had a good time at the activity.
We also had an activity with the branch where everyone got together to play ping pong. It is ridiculous how good these people are!! Like… 55 year old women kicking my butt. I played a lot of ping pong in my days with Nate, Nick, and Carter… and these ladies could destroy anyone of us at ping pong. How did they get so good???? It is super funny.

I still haven´t received a letter from Nick! I sent him one! Did he get it?? I hope so. Yeah, for sure you can email me their letters and such. I would love to read them. I can print them out and read them when I have time.  I hope they are all doing well on their missions.

With each passing day I feel more and more like a capable missionary. I am really working hard to improve my teaching abilities. I am always memorizing scriptures and stuff so that I can use them to teach. The problem I run into is that I can memorize something one day… and completely forget it the next day. I am memorizing the scripture mastery scriptures from the Bible right now… because we talk to a lot of people who know the Bible really well and I don´t want to be ignorant.

Yesterday we taught a lesson to an Evangelico guitar player. He is super cool. Super Evangelico, but super cool. He sang and played the guitar for us. I decided one day I should learn to play the guitar or something.  Wouldn´t that be sweet?

Maybe someday I will send you a picture of what my toenail looked like, but for today I sent some nicer pictures. Haha. The picture is of me with Lago Llanquihue and Volcan Osorno behind me. That is at the beach right by our house. The other picture is of me with Sebastian. He is a funny little guy that has Down Syndrome. He always steals my missionary plaque during church. The other one is of me and Elder A. What am I doing with my hands? Perhaps flashing a gang sign?? No… I don´t know what I am doing with my hands. Haha.

Hey… take care. Tell Brett hello. Have a good week. Rest up. Be happy. And read your scriptures… every single day. It is a commandment, you know.

Elder Warren

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