Thursday, June 27, 2013

Chillin at the Mall?

June 24, 2013


Hey momma! I am always so pleased to read your emails. Haha. I will definitely have to print out all of these letters from Nick. What a good guy. I have good friends. I got an email from Carter Payne today and one from Dave last week. He finally made it to Peru. I sent off a letter to Nate and Dave today. And Makayla, too. :)  She is great!

Today was a pretty legit Pday. We went to the Mall in Puerto Montt. Good Heavens, it is like being back in the states. I am pretty used to being in really ghetto parts of Chile with no big buildings or anything. We go to Puerto Montt and there are skyscrapers and stuff like that. Today we went to the mall in Puerto Montt. It is like an hour away. We went there mostly because Elder A. wanted to go to the food court. We ate at McDonalds... and it was divine. I usually don´t care for McDonalds... but it was great.

We went to the Apple store and looked around. It is probably a good thing that we can only go to Puerto Montt once a cambio... because I would definitely blow all of my money there on junk I don´t need (not much has changed...haha)  Today I didn´t really buy anything... although I was tempted. I just spent 8 dollars on a basketball. That is all. I am glad to know I have money in my account... but I am really going to try hard not to spend any of that. I still have cash here. I gotta keep that money saved so I won’t be broke when I come home! Haha.

I am still waiting for my package. I have hopes that I will see it eventually. I will see it when I see the Zone Leaders, which is not very often. So… we will just keep waiting.  Did I tell you that Elder B. is my Zone Leader now? How funny is that? Haha.

You were talking about that special conference at BYU? We definitely watched it here in Spanish. It would be legit if they started to let us use technology and stuff, but I doubt that I will see that change here while I am in the mission. Other missions already use iPad, iPhones, and text.  Our cell phone... is a brick straight from the year 1999, I swear. Haha. But the conference was really good, actually. It talked about how the members should be setting up the appointments for the missionaries and they should be much more involved. It is the duty of every member of the church to share the gospel. That includes you. Share what you believe with everyone, by your example. Reach out to those in need. That is a good way of sharing the gospel. It doesn´t necessarily need to be to people who aren´t members. Everyone needs the gospel.

We are still working with Sixta. She knows the Book of Mormon is true. She wants to be baptized. She loves coming to relief society and the activities. She says she feels good at church. The only problem is that her family is opposed to her joining the church. She knows that it is what she needs to do. We are going to keep working with her.

Mom, I have a favor to ask of you. I was wondering if each week in your emails if you could send a scripture or a quote or something from an Ensign article or something like that. Something small every week that you think might help me. (I mostly want you to do it so I can verify that you are reading your scriptures).

Oh... I totally forgot! I got an email from the Allan Family. I didn’t read it yet, but I printed it off so I can read it later.

I hope these pictures work when I send them. I haven´t been able to attatch them like I usually do, so just let me know if they aren’t working. I think I sent three last week? Right? Something like that.

I gotta start making a list of all the important things I want to say before I get to the cyber to do internet... because I always forget what I want to say. Oh well.

Have a good week!

Elder Warren

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