Friday, June 14, 2013

A Very Full Week

June 3, 2013


Last week was probably the busiest week of my entire life. I don’t even know where to begin!
Basically... we moved. We don’t have a mamita anymore, and I am staying in Llanquihue for at least six more weeks. Crazy stuff.  Okay… here is the explanation.  President Rappleye was pleased with the progress that we made in the sector, so he split it. There will now be four missionaries in the sector. Two of which will be sister missionaries. So... because the sisters are coming, we had to look for another house. That is a process! We searched and searched and finally found one. The sisters are going to be living in our Cabin. We had to move all of our stuff out and help move in all new stuff. Elder .... and I have been building shelves and bunk beds all week. The Hermana’s get all new stuff! How lucky are they! They are going to be working in Llanquihue Alto, and I will be down in Llanquihue Bajo. They also get our mamita. We are looking for another Mamita, but where we live there are no members of the church. All the members live in Llanquihue Alto. So... we will see how that goes. It is going to be weird to be so far away from all of the members. But the good news is that our house is huge! I like it better. I will send a picture of it to you sometime.

So... I am staying in Llanquihue, and not with Elder .... (Thank Heavens). He is headed north close to Valdivia. My new companion is called Elder .... I think. I don´t really know. I have never met him or seen him. I have no idea where he is from. His name doesn’t sound very American to me… But it also doesn’t sound extremely Latino. I guess we will see on Wednesday.

It has been a very tough cambio with Elder .... Very tough. But somehow I made it through. The hard part is having nobody to talk to. He... is kind of a hard person, and he doesn´t like me. I don´t like him either so we don´t talk much. I tried in the beginning to be a really good companion with him. But when things are so one sided it is really hard. It is sad, really. I could tell you all about him; about his family and everything. He could not tell you one single thing about me, except that I am from Utah. He doesn´t care to know. The other day he pretty much threw a fit and started yelling at me and telling me that I was a terrible missionary, and that I was the only thing keeping him from success. He yelled for like 30 minutes, telling me everything that he didn´t like about me. I just sat there and listened. I took it for what it was worth, which is absolutely nothing. He always has problems with companions. I went to Osorno with one of his old companions, and he said that Elder .... acted the same way. He has been involved in sobre cambios, which is when companions have big problems and they get transferred early. So… I just brushed it off. He said a lot of rude things, but I got my revenge. Well... sort of. I didn´t say anything to him, but when we went outside and started walking somewhere... a bird pooped all over him; all over his face and hair and everything. Haha. Maybe I am not a perfect disciple of Christ, because I couldn’t help but laugh a little bit to myself. :)

I am doing well. My foot... is fine. It doesn’t hurt and I keep it clean, so it should be fine. The lady did cut part of my nail off, so the problem should be resolved after the cut on my toe heals. Don’t worry too much about that Mama.

I have hit the six month mark. Well… almost. That is so strange to me. From what I have heard... I just completed the absolute slowest part of the mission. Every missionary says that the next year and a half passes as quickly as the first six months. Weird.  But, I am learning a lot and learning to love it.
I haven´t received a letter from Nick. I sent him one... I hope he got it. I still haven´t sent the one to Nathan Allan. I wrote it in April... but I keep forgetting to send it.

I got a letter from Hermana/Señora Collier! She is totally legit. I like her. I was pleased to hear about my friends that have mission calls, and also pleased to hear about the girls who have chosen not to go. The mission really isn´t for everyone. That is evident here. There are Hermana’s here that are only here because they lowered the age limit, not because they want to be. Perhaps I will talk more about that later.

I didn´t even tell you about our investigadora that is making all kinds of progress! And I don´t have time now! Shoot. Well, next week.

Elder Warren

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