Monday, July 29, 2013

You Are Speaking in Sacrament Meeting

July 22, 2013


I am going to come right at you and tell you that you better be dialing the phone to tell Bishop Gurr that you would be happy to speak in Sacrament Meeting. He received revelation from the Lord to ask you to speak. Turning him down would be like turning down an assignment from the Lord. So… you best get on that!!

Sorry if that comes across as a little bit straight forward and abrupt, but it is the truth!
The week here was good. A lot has happened in a week. I feel like it was just yesterday that I was emailing you. I do have my new companion, Elder Aburto. I don’t have time to upload photos today, but maybe next week. He is a really nice guy. I don´t have any problems with him so far.
Before he got here, I was working with Elder Ocampo, de Mexico for two days. We were four elders living in the same house. It was actually pretty fun. Elder Silva worked with Elder Malaver from Peru. Elder Ocampo has only been on the mission for three months, so it was cool working with someone who had less experience than me.

Having only been here for a week and a half, I didn´t know very many people when Elder Aburto got here. So we have been having an adventure learning the sector together.  It has been so obvious this past week that we have been guided by the Spirit. Seriously. When he got here, we couldn´t find the map. I thought that maybe Elder Silva left with it. We searched the whole house looking for the map. We really needed to find it, because without it we wouldn´t have been able to find people’s houses. We stopped and prayed and then we kept looking. Within minutes we found the map in a place that we had already looked.

Another example is that we were looking for a certain street, and we couldn´t find it. We were lost, late for our appointment, and we didn´t have the number of the person to call and ask them for directions. Suddenly, a member appeared behind us and asked us if we needed help. She told us how to get to the house and we made it to our appointment.

Something else that happened this week was that we visited an inactive lady. She has not been to church in over nine years. We went in there, and told her that the branch needed her. And that Heavenly Father needed her in church. We gave her the assignment to say the prayer in Principios Del Evangelio. She came to church and brought her daughter, who isn´t a member. So that was really cool. :)

Today I spent the day in Pucón with an Elder from Mexico, one from Guatemala, and a Chileno. It is pretty legit that I have friends that are from every country in South America.

It sounds like you people are busy up there in Utah in the heat. It is about 20 degrees here. I am cold. Haha. The weird thing is that even when it is 20 degrees, it rains, it doesn´t snow. It rains and turns to ice instantly on the sidewalk and stuff. Although the other day it did snow for like 10 minutes. That was actually pretty cool.

I want you to check my account. I took out 86 dollars. I will explain more about that later, but bottom line is that there are dishonest elders that use the sector money, leave, and then we are left to pay bills. I will be reimbursed, so no worries.

Yeah, the Eddie Bauer jacket is no longer water proof. It used to work pretty well, but then I think the waterproof qualities wore off. So… something other than that. :) And some kind of treat for Elder Aburto? His birthday is in three weeks. :)

You are the best mamma in the whole world. I tell a lot of people about you. I appreciate all that you do for me and that you are always worried about me. I am fine. I am a big boy down here, doing my thing.

Elder Warren

P.s.  Heck yeah, sign me up for a trip to the Holy Land!! That would be legit. Why are the Gunther’s going there?? I don´t remember.

Ask Brett if he is watching the Tour de France. They had ESPN on in the restaurant where we ate in Pucón today. I saw that the highlights were playing and I thought of him.

I was called as a counselor in the Young Men’s presidency here with Elder Aburto... How sweet is that!

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