Monday, July 1, 2013

Ella Nos Dejo

The New Mamita's

July 1, 2013


The last week was fine, I guess. Actually… It wasn´t that good. My companion and I get along well, but Llanquihue is a tough place. We still don´t really have very many people to teach. Five months here in Llanquihue, and we have only had one investigator progress: Sixta. She is super cool. She made me a hat. She taught me to make sopapillas and bread. She is supposed to get baptized this Saturday. All she needs is her baptismal interview. But we went over to her house last Thursday, and she didn´t want to talk to us. She said she talked to her family members and she is not going to investigate the church anymore. She was actually really rude to us. I don´t know how things like this happen, I really don´t. She had received her answer about the Book of Mormon and about Joseph Smith. She wanted to get baptized. And then overnight… she doesn´t want anything to do with us.

It is hard to stay positive. So hard. I feel honestly like I have been here for five months and I haven´t helped a single person. Nobody. I am here to help people. That is all I really want to do. More than ¼ of my misión has gone by, and nobody has benefited from it. I don´t really know what to think. It is depressing, actually. I am trying hard to keep pushing forward and give my best effort, but it is difficult.

To answer your question; I still have the speaker, but not the iPod. They used to be fine with us having iPods that had the capacity to play videos as long as there were no videos. But there are Elders that don´t do what they are supposed to, so they announced that everyone who had an iPod that could play videos needed to send it to the office. So, I decided to be obedient and send mine in. Obedience is supposed to bring blessings, right?

I finally got the letter from Nick!! That was probably the highlight of the week last week. It sounds like he is doing really well over there! I also read his emails home. He is a stud. Hearing about how my friends are doing is refreshing. It also makes me want to work even harder. My friends are a source of strength for me.

That is cool about the new bishopric. Tim Gurr is legit. So are the others. Tell them I say hello. Tell Bishop Maddox that I took his advice seriously about reading the Book of Mormon. I finished it again last week. Four times now on the mission, twice in English, twice in Spanish.

I liked your scripture. I actually looked one up to share with you! Mosiah 24:15.  And now it came to pass that the burdens which were laid upon Alma and his brethren were made light; yea, the Lord did strengthen them that they could bear up their burdens with ease, and they did submit CHEERFULLY and with PATIENCE to all the will of the Lord.

I love it. I love that scripture.

I had a ton of other things to say... but I am out of time. I love you.

Elder Warren

P.S. That is me and my Mamita's, Ines y Maria. And also, me drinking our coffee that we drink every day. Apparently….. it isn´t against the word of wisdom here. Jokes. It is something that looks, tastes, and smells like coffee... but isn’t coffee. It is called Ecco.

Ingrown Toenails Are The Worst!

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