Friday, August 23, 2013

Congrats to Tatum!!

August 19, 2013


It is always a pleasure to hear from you! Always. I like hearing about how things are going back at home. It sounds like things are going well, other than the fact that you are in pain. I will pray for you. We pray a lot, so you will be getting extra prayers. Have faith that the prayers will work and that the pain will go away!

Hey, this week was pretty good! I BUZZED my hair! Can you believe it? I am a baldy right now! But I like it. Maybe next week I will send you a photo of my hair. It is short. Some people have told me that they like it, and other people have said that they don’t really like it. But it is more convenient. Perhaps I will keep it this way for a while here on my mission.

Hey... The other thing that I need you to tell Megan Flinders is that she will not be getting a letter from me before she leaves. I wrote her a letter, but Correos de Chile is on strike! I have no idea how long they will not be working for, but they are still closed today. So…I think she will leave before the letter gets up there. Tell her that I will send it to her family and they can send it on to her.

With Correos de Chile on strike, you should hold off on sending the package. Yeah? Hey, I thought of something else you can put in there; threader floss, to floss my bottom teeth. That’s right, I still floss my teeth! You should be very proud!

Hey, the birthday (Elder Aburto) went really well. I bought him a cake and we ate it with the other missionaries.  There were 14 of us, and we all sang and ate cake. It is crazy how quickly time passes. I will be 20 years old in like 3 months! Isn´t that nuts?

The water heater still isn´t fixed. Elder Aburto does the boiled water sponge bath, and I just use ice cold water to shower. It wakes me up in the morning that is for sure. We need to find a technician to come and fix it. We have the mamita... but she just gives us rice or beans every day. So… she isn´t my favorite person in the whole world. But hey, still losing weight.

LL Bean? LL Bean reminds me of you and all of your catalogs in the house. I do, in fact, have the alarm clock. One of the Elders in my district in the MTC hid it from me as a joke. But I have it. And it works.

Nick has a car? Are you serious! What a guy! That is so cool. We will never have a car here, or bikes. We are walkers, bus riders, and taxi takers. Haha. It’s all good though. I like walking. That gives me a chance to think.

I am glad the dog remembers who I am! That makes me happy! She is a good little dog. The dogs here are awful and diseased and they try and bite, but it is okay. There is a big dog that lives in front of our house. I think it is like a bull mastiff or something like that, a big boy. Haha.

I miss buying school supplies with you, too, mama. I always liked my school supplies. Here I get super excited every time I buy a new pen or a notebook.

This Saturday we will know the cambios. I will know if I am going or staying. I have a feeling that I will be staying here with the same companion. But we will see what happens. I like Villarica. But it would also be cool to go to another place, although, we probably live in the nicest house in the whole mission right now. Our house is really nice. Maybe I will send you a picture sometime.

I am good. I am healthy. I have short hair. I am happy. Time is flying by. Haha. Elder Aburto says the only way that I will be able to maintain my Spanish after the mission is if I marry a Latina girl. Haha. What do you think about that, Mama? They are very pretty. Haha... don´t worry though, I am not looking to get married. I am on a mission down here!

Elder Warren

Tatum! Hey, I wanted to say congrats on your mission call to Tennessee! You are going to become a real hick now. And you will love country music! Haha. I wrote you a letter, but like I said earlier... Chile mail system in on strike. So you won’t get it before you leave to Paris. Have fun studying over there! are doing such great things. You will do fantastic things as a misionera. Good luck. Keep in touch. I am proud of you. Thank you for always being a good friend.

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