Monday, May 27, 2013

Hoping For A Cambio

May 27, 2013


This past week.... has been a little rough.

I am hoping not to stay in Llanquihue for the next cambio.  I think I would probably cry or something if I was assigned to stay here. The odds are in my favor, but it isn´t unheard of to spend four cambios in one sector. It would be nice to go south for the winter. I wouldn´t get as wet. It is a lot colder in Punta Arenas, but it doesn´t rain.

Today I spent the day in Osorno. I went with Elder Wise to a foot lady. I thought I was out of the woods with the ingrown toenail. Well... turns out… not. It is kind of inconvenient.  The lady that worked on my foot is not a doctor. I don´t know what she is. All I know is that she shoved something that looked like a metal chopstick underneath my toenail... without numbing it or anything. That didn´t feel pretty. She wrapped it all up and put some kind of zinc cement in it. What a great way to spend P-day. Don´t worry too much, mom. I am taking care of it and I can still just work like normal. I just think it would be easier if they cut my whole foot off. Then I would be able to avoid ingrown toenails and foot fungus. I have seen several other missionaries’ feet... and it is disgusting. But I guess that is what happens when the feet are wet all the time. I was thinking that maybe they could cut my foot off and replace it with a wheel. But then I realized that my wheel would rust in the rain. ;)

Sorry that my email is a little bit negative today. I am a little ticked off about a few things. Remember how I spent 100 dollars on antibiotics? Well, that whole thing is a mess. Number one because the guy in the pharmacy ripped me off. The pills should have only cost 10 dollars. He took advantage of me and the fact that at that point I was a fresh gringo who didn´t know any better. I am also mad that I gave my receipt to my zone leader to be reimbursed, because he lost my receipt. It is all just a big hassle and inconvenient. I decided that I am not going to buy anything else here in Chile, because people try to rip me off.

Well, I am going to wrap this up quickly on a positive note.  A cool thing happened to us. We got out of a teaching appointment late and we were 45 minutes away from the house. It was 9:30, which is when we are supposed to be in the house. We didn´t have any money to take a taxi home.  We said a prayer and started walking home. There is a part of Llanquihue that is really dangerous at night. Right before we got to that part, a bus pulled up behind us. The bus driver opened the door and told us to get in. We told him that we didn´t have any money, and he said he didn´t care. We were the only ones on the bus. He drove us straight to our house. We only got to the house 5 minutes late. How legit. The Lord looks out for his missionaries.

Elder Warren

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