Monday, May 20, 2013


May 20, 2013

Elder Warren Holding Casper, Mamita's Dog

What’s up!?

Mama, I always love your emails. They always make me laugh.  Thank you for keeping me well informed. I like hearing about the grill and the dogs and the family and everything.

I may have been a little homesick after we spoke on the phone. It is hard to not think about home after that, but I have snapped myself back into missionary mode.  Don’t worry, Mom. I am working my hardest to be a good missionary. It is amazing to see the improvement that I have made here. I read back through my journal the other day. I read my entry the first day at the MTC... and I have come a freaking long way. It is incredible. The mission really changes people. I have grown tremendously as a person.  And the good news? I still have 75% of my mission left to grow and to get better. Although sometimes I miss home a little bit, I wouldn’t trade places even for a second. Not at all. I am having too much fun here. Haha. And I am growing to really love talking to people here. Just imagine... me, the quiet one, chatting away with some random guy on the street.  The other day we walked into the store to buy yogurt, and I ended up teaching the employee working there the Restoration.  It all started with me chatting with her about fishing. Fishing! Haha. And somehow I ended up teaching her the Restoration.  I was talking to her for like 45 minutes. I wouldn’t have ever dreamed that I would be able to do that.

A lot happened in the last week. I had an intercambio in Puerto Varas with Elder Hanks. He is a good elder. I learned a lot. We also had Zone Conference.  Those are always super legit! President is sweet.  We talked about obedience and about inviting people to be baptized.  Last week, Elder ... and I invited 5 people to be baptized. I saw Elder Brindley at the Zone Conference, which was nice!  I also got some nice letters from some really nice people. Michelle Ngo! And Marissa Stevens wrote me a letter. Getting mail is always nice.

We had evaluations this week.  Those are sort of like... tests.  The leaders do the evaluations to gauge the progress of the missionaries. The check for mastery of the lesson and recommend you for leadership positions if they think you are ready.  I did really well on my evaluation! I did super well, actually.  I have been recommended to be a trainer of a new missionary.  I don’t know if that will happen in the next cambio or not, but I was pretty pleased to hear that. It is evidence of the progress that I have been making.

I am about to preach to you, mother. About going to the temple. GO! Ah... you don’t even realize the great blessing that you have to have a temple just minutes away.  It costs you nothing to go to the temple.  I know I definitely took it for granted. The people in Rama Llanquihue have to make huge sacrifices to be able to go to the temple.  They have to save up all year to be able to pay for the trip to Santiago. Imagine that. They have to work overtime and really scrape and save up to be able to go to the temple. Not only that, but then they have to take time off of work to be able to go! It is incredible the testimony that these people have of the temple. I wish I would have made the effort to have gone to the temple more. Dice en Doctrina y Convenios 109:1-5 "El velo fue retirado de nuestras mentes, y los ojos de nuestro entendimiento fueron abiertos. Vimos al Señor sobre el brandal del púlpito, delante de nosotros; y debajo de sus pies había un pavimento de oro puro del color del ámbar. Sus ojos eran como llama de fuego; el cabello de su cabeza era blanco como la nieve pura; su semblante brillaba más que el resplandor del sol; y su voz era como el estruendo de muchas aguas, sí, la voz de Jehová, que decía: Soy el primero y el último; soy el que vive, so el que fue muerto; so vuestro abogado ante el Padre."  The temple is the house of the lord, and he dwells there.

Hey... I gotta run.  I have to plan a noche de hogar por una familia Ahora.


Elder Warren
Mamita Teaching McKay to Make Sopapilla's

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