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April 29, 2013


Hey, before I forget, I need you to send me your Skype username so that we can talk on Mother´s Day.  Don’t forget to send that in your next email! Mother´s day is the 12th, right?

Elder .... is super cool.  I still live in the Cabin with him. It is very different working with him than it was working with Elder ....  Elder .... is really good at what he does.  Last week in 5 days we taught 16 lessons. 16! Imagine that! That is a ton more than I am used to having. We are busy all the time.  We are always talking to people and teaching people.  We are working hard to revive the sector.  We are looking for a lot of new people here.  It is such a change of pace working with him.  We are trabajadores (hard workers). We are always doing something.  He is an expert with the scriptures.  He is good at talking to people.  Together we work really well.

One thing that I miss about the training though is that there is less time to study! During the training we studied for like five hours a day. Now we just do one hour of companionship study and one hour of personal study.  It isn’t enough! Haha.  There is so much that I want to study, and there just isn´t enough time.  I am learning to really focus during the study time, because it is really short; time management. That is what I am learning.  I have learned that there really is never a free moment in the mission.  The mission has officially ruined my sense of free time.  From the time that I wake up until I am asleep, there is always something productive to be doing: Scriptures to read and memorize, Spanish to study, dishes to do, bathrooms to clean, things to organize.  I am always organizing things.  I think I have developed a little bit of OCD, because I am always organizing things. Haha.

To answer your question about Raul:  He is interested in becoming a member.  But he is like every other Chilean... He is ALWAYS working.  We have rescheduled the citas with him a few times.  But we pinned him down for today.  I told him that if he can´t today, that we were going to take a bus and teach him in the potato field. So we will see how it goes.  We put two other people with a baptismal date for the 1st of June.  People usually accept the baptismal challenge, but it is getting them to stay committed that is the problem.  We invite lots of people to be baptized, several a week.  But getting follow up citas is the problem.  But that is what Elder .... is good at, so we should have some really good and really promising people here soon.

There are about 60 people that regularly attend church here in Llanquihue.  How many members are there in the city? Over 300. The inactivity rate is really high. That happens when people convert to the church because they like the missionaries instead of gaining a testimony.  We are also working to reactivate a few people.

Once again this computer will not let me attach photos. Why? I don’t know... because this computer is old.  It is like the size of a small refrigerator.  Usually there are newer ones to use, but today they were all taken.  I have good photos to send! Elder Brindley broke his glasses and I taped them up like Harry Potter and drew a lightning bolt scar on his forehead the night before he left.  I also have pictures of me and my new companion.

I really enjoy hearing about things at home.  I don’t dwell on them for long, because there are a lot of other things to worry about here.  Like... fleas.  Haha.  I bought some anti-allergy pills and some anti-itch cream.. So I will survive!  Anyway... Elder .... taught me what to do with dogs here.  He says to not be afraid of them, and when they try and bite me that I should punch them right in the snout.  It works! I had a wicked mean German Shepherd try and tear my head off, but I punched him in the snout and he ran away! How legit!

I can’t believe you opened your mother’s day letter! Haha. Oh well. It is okay. We will talk on mother’s day and I will give you grief for opening it then.

Good luck with a new dog... I don’t really like dogs. Why? Obvio, pero también porque ellos tienen pulgas.  Yep, they all have fleas.

I may buy a sleeping bag with the plata you put in my account.  That is what all the cool missionaries do here. Actually, I am going to buy one for the intercambios.  It is just more convenient and a good way to avoid the pulgas.

Love, Elder Warren

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