Thursday, May 16, 2013

Forever A Momma's Boy!

May 13, 2013

Mother's Day 2013


It was pretty much a dream come true to talk to you yesterday!  You all looked so good and so happy! All of you are beautiful, even the dog!  It was the fastest 45 minutes of my entire lifetime! Wow. I could have talked to you for hours.  I was reminded that I am a momma´s boy.  I can’t believe that I didn´t start to cry or something. I always cry when it comes to talking about you. I realized after I hung up that I didn´t even say happy Mother´s Day. So... Felíz Día, Mamá.

After I got done talking to you, we walked a few miles in the pouring rain to visit a guy named Antonio. We talked for him for a while and taught him the restoration.  We asked him to kneel and pray with us after the lesson, and he did. We said a beautiful prayer, and all of us felt the spirit.  After he finished, Elder .... said-- "Now, I know God is listening to you. Ask Him if Joseph Smith was a prophet." So he started to pray again. He asked, and he could not even finish his prayer. We looked at him and he was breathing really heavily and smiling.  We asked him what he felt. And he said, "Pure emotion. Pure joy. I feel at peace with the world."  How legit is that?  If you have ever doubted that God answers prayers, doubt no more. He answers and He is completely aware of every single one of His children. Moments like that make up for every door slammed in my face. It makes up for all the times I have been attacked by a dog, or had a drunken guy harass me. It was a powerful moment and I was reassured that I am, in fact, doing the right thing down here.

Mom, I am looking forward to having my sleeping bag. It will be nice. Hmm... In the package... just the sleeping bag and the two bags that goes with it. If you want to send candy or a jar of peanut butter, that would be cool as well.

I wrote you a handwritten letter today! It is already in the mail, so you should see it the first week of June or so.  I liked writing you a handwritten letter. I think I will send you one once a month or once a cambio or so.

Today we are going to make cookies in the microwave. Why? Because we don´t have an oven.  But at least Elder .... is speaking to me again. When we talked yesterday, he hadn´t spoken to me in like three days. Wanna know why? I will tell you why in the nicest way possible.  Our ward mission leader passed away and they had a viewing at the chapel.  My intention of going was to support the family and to show them that we cared. Elder .... saw it as an opportunity to boost our numbers.  He was trying to talk to everyone there that wasn´t a member and telling them that the hermano was in the spirit world. He was doing that to count them as lessons. Afterward I told him that we shouldn´t do things like that just for numbers. He got really mad and has pretty much been giving the silent treatment ever since.

Well, I gotta run. I will send pictures next week. This computer is really slow.

Elder Warren

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