Sunday, May 12, 2013

Another Good Week!!

May 7, 2013

Elder Villena and Elder Warren
"The District"


Hey... I want to start off by saying that I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of your shoes. I can’t believe you wore two different pairs of shoes!! I thought to myself, ¨that is my momma! ¨

 Just a really bad shoe day!!
I want to start off with some administrative stuff first. As far as the sleeping bag goes-- I am not going to buy one here. I looked at them in Puerto Varas and since it is a really touristy town, they are expensive.  And they are not nearly as nice as the one I have at home.  So, I was wondering if you could send me the one I have at home.  You can use the money in my account to ship it.  It shouldn´t be too expensive, because it is really light.  The one I am thinking of is orange. It is a Kelty brand sleeping bag.  It should be in the closet under the stairs in a big orange stuff sack.  I was wondering if you could have it dry-cleaned and then send it.  I feel needy asking you to do all that, but it would be a lot cheaper.  The sleeping bag is the way to go here in the mission.  It is much lighter and more convenient than sheets, and I spend lots of nights in other missionaries’ houses.  Also, if I got to Punta Arenas, I will have weight issues with suitcases full of sheets. Plus, the pulgas (fleas) tend to not dwell in sleeping bags. There is a black and green stuff sack that goes with it... but a different brand. When you send it, don’t send it in the green stuff sack. Send it in the orange sack and just cram it into a box. We can talk more about this on Sunday.

Speaking of Sunday, Here is the deal. I talked to the familia Retemal and they said I could go to their house and use Skype. I am going to be calling around 5:00 p.m. Chile time, which is 3:00 p.m., your time. But just in case, be ready around 2:30. I can talk to you for 45 minutes! How legit. So if you have questions, have them ready! Also, you can definitely invite Adrienne and her kids. Invite Makayla.  I don´t know if she will want to come, but she is invited.  Now... here is the other deal. Have your phone close by to you all this week, because I am going to call you on the phone. I don´t know which day or at what time, but I am going to call you for 5 minutes to make sure that we are good to go with the time for our Skype conversation and to verify that you folks really are two hours behind. :)

We had another good week here in Llanquihue! We taught a lot of lessons again, 17 or so. It is super good to be teaching people! I feel happy! I feel like I am actually doing missionary work now! Elder .... and I have been working overtime.  Usually we are supposed to be back in the house at 9:30, but if we are teaching a lesson we have until 10:00. We have been returning to the house at 10:00 every single day! Haha.  And what happens is that we sprint back to the house, because we can´t be out past 10. I bet the people thing we are so weird. The Mormons, sprinting like madmen at 9:59 at night.  But hey, we are being obedient.

Raul isn´t progressing much, but we have found a lot of other people.  There are some really cool familias that we are teaching. We are going to have family home evening with a familia tonight.  Elder .... and I are going to bring the ingredients to make pizza! The only problem is that the only kind of cheese they sell here is Gouda! Gouda cheese pizza!

Today we are going to mamitas house and she is going to teach me to make sopaipillas. I love them, and so I am will be happy to learn how to make them.  Mamita knit a sweater for her Dog, and it is the funniest thing I have seen.  It is a boy dog, but it is a dang girly looking sweater. Mamita is funny. We go over and chop wood for her pretty often. She always tries to give us more food.

Speaking of food, I decided and I am just going to go with it and get fat like every other missionary here... haha. Just kidding. But Elder .... has gained 20 kilos in the mission! That is more than 40 pounds! The way it happens is that when we are teaching people, they insist on feeding us! And it is always bread.  And we are teaching a lot of people. I refuse to get fat. There are ways to maintain weight. I always exercise. So... there is hope that I will maintain weight.

In other news, I received a very nice letter from Megan Flinders! It was definitely a mid-week pick-me-up.  She is very nice.

I am glad to hear that all is going well with you and that you had fun at the zoo! The dog looks like the kind we try to avoid down here! Hazel is pretty good looking still.
I can´t wait to see/talk to you! 6 days.

Love, Elder Warren

p.s. the photos are of Elder .... and I. The other is of my district before Elder .... left. And....  I don´t remember what the other one is.  Maybe it is me at Lago Todos los Santos.

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