Friday, November 1, 2013

10 Hours in Heaven!!!

October 7, 2013


Wow! What a week!

I want to start off by wishing you a very happy birthday. You are still so young! Being young is a state of mind, don´t forget that, okay? Just stay positive with everything. I hope you have a piece of cake for me!!

Hey, This last week was a great week. Elder Aburto and I had a very good week work wise. It was the best week we have had together here. I don´t know why, but after last Monday and the emails that I read… something clicked for me and I went into missionary beast mode. Literally. The very next day I had an intercambio with my district leader, Elder Renshaw.  He came to my sector and I put his butt to work!! We taught seven lessons in one day. This week we have had some great things happen.  We taught 25 lessons this week. It was great!!  Things are really starting to look good here in the sector. We have 4 people that will be baptized in the next three weeks. They have all been coming to church and reading their scriptures. Ah... it is awesome that things are going so well here…. Except... I am leaving on Wednesday.

That is right, I am being transferred this Wednesday. I am going to Osorno.  I don´t really know how I feel about that. I am a little bummed, actually. We just started seeing some really good progress here. Really good progress, and I have to leave. Elder Aburto is staying here in a trio with two Peruanos. (two Elderes from Peru).  And I am going to Osorno. To a sector that is dead.  I have heard a lot of things about where I am going. Like that they haven't had any success or investigators there for a really long time.

In Osorno… things will be a little different. The biggest difference will be that now I have P-day on Saturday. So I have two P-days this week. So make sure you write me before then so that I have something to read. Okay?  Another thing that is going to be weird is that it is a really big city compared to where I have been. I started in Llanquihue where we were the only two missionaries. And then Villarrica with 8 missionaries. And now..  Osorno. With 40 missionaries. That is right, 40 missionaries!! I will be much closer to the misión home and to the misión office and everything else.

I have had to say goodbye to some people. I hate saying goodbye to people, especially when it is more than likely that I will never see them again. Claudia was a hard one to say goodbye to. She is so sad that I am leaving. She called me last night (after I had already said goodbye) and said that I had been like a son to her. That I had helped her in many ways. (By the way…. She came to general conference with us yesterday!!!) We accomplished something with her that no other missionary had ever accomplished: We got her to come to church!!  Also, Carlos!!! That one was hard too! The dude is legit. He is a Mormón seco, which means a dry Mormon… meaning that he isn't baptized yet, but he is active in the church. He is super cool. He comes to church every week and knows more than most of the members about the scriptures. The only reason he hasn't baptized yet is because he is waiting for his divorce to be finalized. (he is co-habitating right now with a member).  But it looks like that will be finalized this month, and they will get married and he will get baptized this month. Also, Alexandra and Juan have a date for their wedding for next week. And she will also get baptized the following day.

In other news… today we climbed Volcan Villarrica!!!  How sweet is that. We went sledding on Volcan Villarrica!! Not every missionary can say that! Haha. It was sweet. We went with the whole Zone today. We also had  a snowball fight!  How sweet is that? It was a good last p-day in Villarrica.

Hey!  I just received a little package from the Clark Family! I haven´t opened it yet… but they sure are the coolest!

Mom… I am very pleased that you and Brett watched conference! That makes me so happy. Wasn't it great? ¡Tiraron algunos palos!  I don´t really know how to translate that to English… because it means that "they threw planks of wood." Literally. It makes sense in Spanish. I guess you could say that the Apostles gave some… stern counsels? Or they scolded? I don't know how to make that make sense to you in English, pero tiene mucho sentido en español. Haha. I learned so much! I think I took like 15 pages of notes. I watched the whole thing in English with the other Gringos. How nice is that, right? It was like 10 hours of heaven!!  I was so pleased!

I just want you to know that Adrienne´s baby is the cutest dang thing ever!! We are in the cyber right now with the whole Zone, and they all say she is beautiful! I just wanna hold that little lady! What a cutie! Hey… tell Adrienne to keep an eye on the mail. Okay?

Well… That is about all that I have for you today. I will write you again on Saturday. Deal? Keep it real. Have a good birthday. Be happy. Positive thoughts.  Nos Vemos.

Elder Warren

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