Friday, November 1, 2013

Well...I am one of THOSE people!!

October 19, 2013


I want you to know that I am fine. Don’t worry too much about me. I am a big boy and can handle my... companion.

Hey, I got your package!!!! I was so happy that I cried. I felt loved, very loved. I love it. I am so happy I have such a good mama who takes care of me! Thank you. It came at a very good time, a very good time. A little pick me up, you know?? Thank you. And I loved Adrienne´s letter in there, too.

I have been listening to music when we are in the house. And I want you to know that I am definitely listening to David Archuleta´s Christmas music and the Forgotten Carols. I want you to know that I have transformed into one of THOSE people who start listening to Christmas music in October. :)

So I want you to know that I sat my companion down and told him to knock it off with his attempts talking to evil spirits. I told him that if he didn´t stop, I would have President on the phone within seconds to have his chubby butt sent back to Argentina. I think he got the picture that I am not here to mess around with him. He has stopped, I blessed the house, and we haven´t had any problems since... in our own house. I think the whole neighborhood is haunted, because on a daily basis we have to bless people’s houses because they have been experiencing paranormal activity. It is so weird to walk into a house when there is an evil, dark presence. But it is pretty dang cool to be able to feel the difference after we bless the people’s houses. It is like a peace comes flooding into the house.

Things are fine with the companion. Well, as fine as they can be. I have basically accepted the fact that I am babysitting a 27 year old man-child. It is fine. President has pretty frequent communication with me. He knows what I am dealing with here. His instructions are to just do what I can and to try to help him as much as I can, and to not tolerate disobedience on the part of my companion. But it isn´t easy to be patient with this dude. Just this week he punched another Elder in a Zone capacitation, hit me with a stick and started throwing things at me, ran away, slammed a door in my face and tried to lock me out of the house, and started yelling swearwords in the street. And that is just to name a few things. Haha. I don´t really know what to think. I almost feel like laughing because I feel like I am in a dream because this can´t possibly be real.

The good news about all of this is that I can see my own personal progress. I am realizing that I am a very capable missionary that can handle himself in any situation. I pretty much am doing everything alone here, though. I do all the planning by myself because my companion refuses to help. I do all the street contacts (and I do a ton of them. I am always talking with new people.) He doesn´t help at all in the street contacting. I teach all of the lessons by myself, because he doesn’t really participate. When I pause to let him say something, he either isn´t paying attention so he doesn’t say anything and just sits there, or he repeats exactly what I just said, or he says something that has absolutely nothing to do with the lesson.

I do feel a little bit of stress with all of this, though; actually, a lot of stress. I am basically responsible for everything that goes on here. Usually in a companionship, the two are responsible for what happens. Here it is all a reflection of what I personally am doing. I feel the pressure.  The District Leader, the Zone Leaders, and the AP’s all know how my companion is and that he doesn´t contribute. So basically all of our numbers are a direct reflection of what I am doing here. Every lesson, every contact, every baptismal invitation. It’s all a reflection of what I’m doing.  I feel like this is all just a big evaluation of my capability as a missionary. I get stressed to the point of having headaches sometimes. My mind is constantly racing. I am exhausted in every single way possible. I know that my mind is tired because I will be teaching someone and randomly English words start coming out of my mouth. But, I am learning to deal with it. I know that the President put me here for a reason. He received revelation to put me here. I know I am in this situation because the Lord Knows that I can handle it.

Hey, I am glad that you liked the video! Haha... my English has changed a little bit, hasn´t it? I can only imagine what it will sound like by the end of my mission. When I speak in English, I don´t notice the accent. But when I hear a recording of my English, I definitely hear the accent. It makes me laugh.

Hey, Osorno is cool for a few reasons. The biggest reason is that there are a bunch of missionaries all in a big city, so we all get together on P-day. We have basketball tournaments. Today I played on a team with Elder Monson from Pleasant Grove. We kicked some serious butt. Haha.

The weather here is good. It rains in the morning, and then the sun comes out in the afternoon. When the sun comes out it is about 80 degrees and humid. Haha.

Hey, have a good week. Remember that I am doing just fine. Don’t worry about me. I am working super hard!

Elder Warren

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