Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Another Week Down.

November 9, 2013


This week was a little slow. My companion... was sick for two days and we had to stay in the house. I read quite a bit. I tried to keep myself busy, because it is not good for me to be bored. But I read like 150 pages in the Book of Mormon.

Mom... we do have some investigators here, but we need to keep working with them before we are going to be able to have a baptism. They are all really nice, but they might just be after my cookies. En serio, the cookies are a good method, but I am winning the hearts of many... women, sort of. Haha. The women here in Chile are very receptive to my gringo cookies.

Can you believe that in one week I will be 20??? Nuts, right? I feel kind of old. The past year has absolutely flown by. Flown. It is unreal. Completely unreal. I look back and can’t believe it. One more year and I am basically done. It is a.... very weird thought.

The sister missionaries are going to make me a cake!!! They are the best, una Uruguaya and a Mexicana. They are my friends. They are going to make me a cake with manjar.

The members here are really nice. They are very nice to me. They are all excited for my birthday. Haha. It is kind of funny. They are going to throw me a party next Saturday night.

As far as the package goes-- just one pack of razor heads. The one pack has lasted me the whole year! Haha.

We played basketball today. We have played every p-day since I got to Osorno. I like that. It helps me to unwind a little bit. It is good... therapy.

Hey... I want you to know that I like it when you go all preacher on me. It makes me pumped up. Thank you.

I hope everything is going well for you. I hope you are happy. I hope it snows for Christmas. Hey... I want you to know that my rain jacket keeps me 100 percent dry!!! It’s like magic!! I am very pleased.

Have I ever told you how grateful I am that you are my mother? And that I don’t have some crazy person for a mother? I have a wise momma. A good momma that takes good care of me.

Can you believe that Nick completes one year as a missionary this week? Haha. Old!!

Have a good week!

Elder Warren

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