Monday, November 25, 2013

Miracles Happen.

November 23, 2013

Elder Warren and Elder Borup


I have a new companion. Miracles happen. Thank goodness. The new guy just finished his training. He is still learning Spanish, so I am helping him out. We get along really well and we have a lot of things in common. We have the same goofy personality. Let me tell ya... after so long of living with someone from another country, it is nice to be living with a gringo now. I am not trying to sound racist... but it is easier to be myself with more... familiar kinds of people. His name is Elder Borup. He is from Orem, Utah. He is 18...a young ‘un. We are having a lot of fun and we are already seeing some good progress in the sector.

As far as my birthday went... it was pretty good, actually. We didn´t go to the zone activity, but we did still manage to have a good time. We went and ate a pichanga with some members. Also, we went to eat pizza, cake, kuchen, and some other stuff. I sent you a video in Dropbox of them singing Happy Birthday to me. It was a decent birthday. I also sent you a picture with all of the gifts that I got.... except for the banana bread that I got from the Mission President and his wife. It was a good day.

Gifts from the Members!!
Happy Birthday Boy!!

Did I mention that I am staying in Ovejería? My companion is the one that left. Also.... I have sort of been given a new calling. President Rappleye called me last Saturday to be the new district leader here. I don´t really know what to think. It is a little overwhelming. I am used to just focusing on my own sector and our investigators and numbers. But now I have to worry about the other sectors and their numbers and investigators. I have to do a lot more paper work and teach in the district meetings. And... I am constantly on the phone. That is my least favorite part, but I guess I will get used to that.

Hey... by the way... I forgot to tell you last time when I received the package, but you can´t send jerky here! If it gets caught then it is a 300 dollar fine. I don´t know if we lucked out because it was turkey jerky... but we should play it on the safe side and not send jerky.

Mom... you don´t need to send anything to me for Christmas. I don´t really know what they are going to be doing here or if we will exchange gifts or not. But it is so expensive to send packages. And I am in a big enough city that if I really need to buy something, I can probably find it. I will obviously get something for my companion, but I will just buy it here. Besides that… Elder Borup and I already set up our Christmas tree! Haha. We found one!!! And it has lights on it. It is basically a Charlie Brown Christmas tree, but hey... it works.

Today we played a three on three basketball tournament. I was with Elder Gonsalvez and Elder Medel. We went undefeated. Haha. I really enjoy playing basketball, you know. And there are always Elders here that are down to play.

Well... I hope you have an excellent week!!!  Te Quiero Mucho.

Elder Warren

P.S. Haha... I like your little Spanish touch on the email.  Mucho Gusto means... like pleased to meet you; or...a pleasure. You’re a cute little mama, haha.

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