Monday, March 31, 2014

Got the Package!!

Elder Powell and Elder Warren

February 24, 2014


We had another good week here! Nothing over significant happened. We worked in our sector. We invited many people to get baptized. Most of them said, "no" but hey... at least we are trying.  We have some hippy friends that are really big into smoking marijuana and such. They are nice to us. They sing Reggae freestyle rap.  They are really hard to teach though. They don’t like to commit to anything. We really don’t visit them often; like once every other week or so. We went there yesterday and they rapped for us. It was actually pretty sweet. Haha.

In other news there were only 13 members at church and... We didn't have any investigators at church... again. Ljubica didn't come. We even went to her house to get her before church but she was sleeping in. It is super hard, because she wants to get baptized but she has such bad influences in her life. Her family doesn't support her at all. She is trying to stop smoking, but all of her family member’s smoke 24/7. She tries to go to church, but her family throws parties late at night and stuff. But we will keep working with her.

I want you to know that I did get the package!!! I finally got it. I am going to get a thank you note written to the Gurr’s as soon as possible. Tell them that I've had a PB&J every day since I got the package!! They are really too kind. Wanna hear something else crazy about the mail system??  I just got a letter from Nick in Tahiti. It was POSTMARKED for the 13 of AUGUST.  Can you believe that? It took over six months for his letter to get to me!!! That just blows my mind. I am thinking about writing him a letter, but if it is anything like last time... I won’t see a response before I finish my Mission!!!

I am just trying to think of anything noteworthy to tell you.... I don’t know. I am working on getting my second visa? That is not exciting though. I don’t like that kind of paperwork. We are still jogging every day?  I got an email from Cole Pendleton? Is any of that exciting for you to know? Haha. I don’t really know. We basically do the same things every single day.

Well, have a good week. Be good. Read your scriptures, the Book of Mormon (2 chapters every day is what we are reading here. Everyone reads individually and then we have activities to see our progress in the branch.)

Elder Warren

Elder Warren and Elder Powell

P.S.  I might need some stuff, but I can’t remember what.

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