Monday, March 31, 2014

Se Bautizo!!!

January 27, 2014

Elder Keetch, Cristian, Elder Warren

Hey! I have good news! And you already know because I sent you the pictures first! But Cristian got baptized!!!! And Confirmed!! It was legit. Elder Keetch baptized him on Saturday and I confirmed him on Sunday in sacrament meeting. It was a really cool experience. I was really happy to see all of it. Haha. The only thing that is a little sad for me is that none of the members really came to support Cristian in his baptism. Elder Keetch and I worked super hard to plan everything. We even had programs made and printed. And guess what...? Nobody showed up; just the Branch President and a few other people. Oh boy... the Branch President was TICKED!!! He stood up on Sunday in sacrament meeting and threw some serious palos at the members. Holy cow! I have never seen anything like that in my life. The dude stands up after the sacrament and just starts ripping all of the members a new one for their lack of enthusiasm and commitment. It was awesome!!!! I don’t know if Branch Presidents are really allowed to stand up for 45 minutes in sacrament meeting and do that, but it was sweet.

In other news this week...I got a haircut. I buzzed my head again. The wind here is out of control. (Usually like 80 mph) super fuerte. So I got sick of my hair always getting messed up due to the wind.  So it is nice and short. Haha. Nice and short. But I like it; although, I have the fear that I might go bald in a few years. Haha.

Mom, I want you to know that I am doing well. I don’t need anything. I am doing fine. We are getting up to play basketball every single morning. We eat a lot of cookies. We sometimes beat box and write funny rap songs at night, just to keep ourselves entertained. We make funny videos on my camera. I will show them to you someday.

I am glad that you had fun with the Borup’s. Cool son must equal cool parents. That is a fact. Hey, I got Adrienne’s Christmas card. Tell her thank you. Her kids are cute. We make pasta a lot with hot dogs in it. Also, we eat beans almost every single day here. I don’t like them at all because they make me sick to my stomach. But, it does serve me to lower my weight a little bit.

Sorry it is a little short this week. I had a lot to read and a couple emails to write. I had to write a long one to the Mission President this week. But hey, be good. Read your scriptures. Pray. Don’t miss me too much. I love you.

Much Love,

Elder Warren

Elder Keetch, Cristian, Isabel, Antonela, Elder Warren

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