Monday, March 31, 2014

No Nos Pescan

February 3, 2014

Hey Mama,

This week was a little bit tough. We are working really hard; harder than I have probably ever worked on my mission. We are working to find new investigators to teach. And...We haven’t found a single one since I arrived here, which is a bummer. We are talking to as many people as possible. We are doing contacts. We ask for references. But people here just don’t want anything to do with us at all. But hey, I am not letting that really get me down. I am working hard and I feel good about that. I know that if we keep working and looking for the revelation from God, things will turn around here. I know that we just need to be patient and faithful always.

Hey, there were 17 at church here yesterday. We still haven’t broken twenty in church yet. It is a super weird thing. The members just... stopped coming to church like two months ago. And we don’t really know why. They are all super disseminated. We are working really hard to try and strengthen the members.  We have started a Book of Mormon reading program where everyone in the branch is going to read the Book of Mormon in 4 months. They all had to sign contracts and everything. We will see how that goes. I have faith that if all the members start reading the Book of Mormon here.... this place will change. There will be excitement once again. We will start seeing real growth in the church. And actually, President Rappleye told me that if they start reading the Book of Mormon as a branch, the number of baptisms will go up. There is truth to that. There is a power that begins to flow into the life of an individual once they start a serious study of the Book of Mormon. I testify of that. It has happened in my own personal life here on the mission.

Hey, I heard about the Super bowl Sunday today!  I had completely forgotten that it was going to happen yesterday. I actually didn’t even know which teams were in there. But Cool!  It just made me think of your homemade wings for some reason. You are going to have to make those for me again sometime when I get home...  in less than 10 months now! Crazy (with the cambios the way they are I will probably be home the 27th of November).  I have been in Chile for like a whole year now! Time is passing too quickly.

I love you and hope everything is well. You are in my prayers and your letter is in the mail.

Elder Warren

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