Monday, March 31, 2014

Making History

 March 3, 2014


I want you to know that I am doing just as well as ever.  I am happy. I am healthy I think (or getting there at least), and we are working hard here. That is the good news.

I wanted to tell you a little story about how we made history this week. I think it is a Sunday that I will never forget in my entire lifetime. Ever.  So we show up to church.... and there weren’t very many people there. The meeting started and there were just 10 people there, including my companion and me. It was the fast and testimony meeting. All 10 people bore their testimonies. All of them. I don’t know how frequently that happens, but 100 percent of the congregation bore their testimony yesterday.  It was Porvenir History. Also, it may have been the shortest sacrament meeting I have ever been to. After everyone had shared their testimony, they ended the meeting. It only lasted 30 minutes!!! How nuts. I have kind of mixed feelings about this experience. On the one hand it is super depressing that none of the members come to church and that we didn’t have an investigator there. That was a downer. But I also think that it was one of the most spiritual meetings I have ever been in.  I stood up there from the pulpit and I looked out at those other nine people and thought to myself, “Wow. I admire each and every one of you SO much. You are here. You are ALWAYS here. You are faithful. You come. You make the sacrifice. You are all diligent. You keep going forward, even when times are tough. And times seem to ALWAYS be tough here in Porvenir. But you all keep moving along. And why do you all do it? Why would you keep coming when you could so easily stay home? There is no support. There are no other primary kids. You are the Branch President that has been in the position for almost 20 years. You are the ONLY member of the Relief Society here in the building today. But you all still do it. Because you know this is true. You know this is where God wants you to be. You have experienced the conversion, and you are honoring your baptismal covenants. I admire each and every one of you."  For me, it was a life-changing and an eye-opening experience.

Well, in other news... I almost got eaten by a Saint Bernard!!! I was petting it... and then it went crazy!! It started trying to bite me and I ran away from it and fell into a hole!!! It was super funny. I think that was the hardest that I have laughed in a long time. I wish it could have been filmed.

Aren’t you having surgery this week?? I thought that was supposed to be today. Good luck!!!

I really don’t need anything. I was thinking compression shorts, but I can just buy those here.

Elder Warren

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